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Why should females lift weights?

There are more females weight training than ever before, however some women still choose not to do the weight training and just focus on cardio.

Weight training combined with cardio enables you to burn calories and build or retain muscle tone at the same time. If your one of those women who think you will get big and bulky from lifting weights you need to dismiss that myth now. I have trained a lot of female clients and they have lifted heavy weights with good technique and the weight training had only improved their physiques.

In general, women don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies to get bulky. This still wouldn’t be the case if they ate a massive number of calories. Weight training with the right exercise plan and with the right technique for your own body will get your desired lean functionally fit physique.

Many people think by doing lots of running on the treadmill or outside will help them lose weight and it will do. However, this will put so much strain on the muscles, the body will tighten up and if they have poor movement, then this could result in recurring injuries.

For women to change their body shape for the better they need to keep in control of their calories, keep active (for example, walking) and weight train 2-3 times per week. If there is a need for extra cardio then try and fit that in 2-3 times a week with high intensity training.

With my female clients, I start off by focusing on their movement by getting their body to move correctly so they can perform the weight training exercises with great form. So many people move poorly due to lifestyle or lack of stretching so when they go into performing exercises, a lunge for example, they physically can’t do it correctly, so all they are doing is putting strain on the body in the wrong areas.

Once mobility has been improved, coupled with all the weight training exercises, it is possible to perform every repetition with good technique so you will start to change your body shape and move better whilst toning muscles in the correct way without causing injuries.

Here is an example of a weight training and cardio programme for one of my female clients….

10 min stretch/mobility work – focus on glute stretches, hip openers and chest stretches Exercise 1A – Weighted lunges 3 x 12 reps – distribute most your body weight in to the middle of the front foot 1B – Plank Builders 3×10 reps – focus on keeping pelvis straight 2A – Bench press 3×12 reps – keep elbows 45 degrees 2B – Side plank (hip drops) 3×10 reps – keep body in a straight line 3A – Barbell push press 3×8 reps – focus on squat and drive your hips through to help push the weight above head 3B – Dumbbell pullover 3×10 – keep core engaged and back locked down to the bench 4A – Pull ups 3×4 reps – keep chest up shoulders back, drives elbows down to the floor 4B – Full body core walkouts 3×4 reps – go as far as you can, keeping a flat back with core and glutes engaged CV 10×100 metre row 15 seconds rest in between sets aim to get everyone under 23 seconds Bike 3 km fast as possible level 10 – record time taken to complete

Once you start doing a proper weight training programme with a good diet, then you should feel like you move better and your body shape is improving, feeling more athletic. If you are not getting these results, then you are simply doing the wrong type of training!

So, lift some weights, eat healthy and keep active. Most importantly, make sure you get that Healthy look you’ve been striving to achieve.

See you next time… Andy!

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